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SELECT Sizing – General Help Overview

SELECT is a Water Heater Sizing Programme primarily designed for use by Building Services Engineers and Mechanical Services Contractors. The programme will enable a selection to be made of Lochinvar direct gas-fired Water Heaters that are most suitable for the application being considered.

In order to give an accurate selection, SELECT uses a criteria setting 'walkthrough' philosophy. A number of screens will be encountered where choices need to be made or questions answered, and the following is an overview for each of the screens that will be encountered in the SELECT sizing programme.

The first screen encountered will be the Welcome screen, once this has been read a choice can be made to permanently hide this screen. (Hiding this screen can be undone in the options menu).

Next comes the Project Start screen, and the first item to be considered is whether you are opening an existing project or starting a new project. To open existing projects, ensure the 'Open Existing Project' box is highlighted, from here you are able to open a previously saved project directly from the SELECT project folder by choosing from the drop-down menu entitled 'Use this Project'. If a file is saved elsewhere, select to 'Open a File on Disk' and browse your document libraries in order to open a previously saved SELECT .lsp file.

When starting a new project, ensure the 'Create New Project' box is highlighted. Make the appropriate building type selection from the drop-down menu entitled 'Project Type'. The 'Project Title' box allows you to assign your sizing with a relevant title - this project title will be the default name assigned to the SELECT .lsp file when using the 'save as' feature. 'Project Description' is a static box and provides a description of the project type entered.

Once all the information on this screen has been completed, the 'Continue' button will be enabled and by clicking this button the programme will move forward to the next screen; Sizing Questions.

All walkthroughs include various default figures. These are based upon industry guidelines and Lochinvar's own experience, but must be checked and amended as appropriate to each individual selection. Amendments can be made by placing the cursor on the 'answer box' and typing the required value or by use of the scrolling facility available. When all the questions have been answered the 'Continue' button will be enabled and by clicking this button the programme will move forward to the next screen; Selection Criteria.

To the left hand side of the Selection Criteria screen there is a summary of the 'total hot water required' and the 'peak demand time period'. The total hot water required is always detailed with a temperature rise of 50°C. Cold feed water is normally 10°C, therefore the 50°C rise allows for stored and recovered hot water at 60°C. Where water temperature selections are lower than 60°C (e.g. for showers – usually 43°C), SELECT will automatically calculate the proportion of hot water required at 60°C e.g. 500 litres of water at 43°C = 330 litres at 60°C and 170 litres at 10°C. If a higher temperature of use has been selected in the 'Sizing Questions' e.g. 80°C for a process load, the programme will re-calculate the volume from this value to 60°C and will therefore show a higher numerical value e.g. 5000 litres of water at 80°C with a cold water temperature set at 10°C = 7000 litres at a 50°C rise. Water temperature required is important and may affect the appropriate models selected.

To the right hand side of the Selection Criteria screen there is a 'Product Criteria' section which requires information in order to validate the choice of equipment. This includes the 'number of water heaters to use'. For multiple unit requirements a 'combined duty' can also be requested e.g. a combined duty of 150% means that each unit is capable of meeting 75% of the calculated demand. Additionally, a choice can be made between the 'type of flue to use', 'water heater type' and 'storage type'.

To further refine your selection, two methods of selection type are given. These are choices for selecting the duty of the water heaters by 'recovery only' or by 'storage and recovery'.

The next menu box enables the choice of the number of direct storage vessels required. Various combinations of up to 4 water heaters and 4 direct storage vessels are available.

Once all the answers on this screen have been validated the 'Continue' button will be enabled and by clicking this button the programme will move forward to the next screen; Selection Results.

This screen gives a summary of the 'total hot water requirement' and the 'peak demand time period' selected, along with details of the selection criteria as made on the preceding screen.

At any time the programme is able to go back to the previous screen and you can amend your selection criteria.

The 'Selection Results' screen will normally show three choices under the 'Selection Options' heading and additionally provides a limited amount of technical data, including duty vs. demand. In all cases this duty vs. demand value will show a minimum figure of 100%. The spare capacity of the unit(s) selected for each option will be reflected in the totals detailed in this table.

Clicking on the favoured selection button, (1, 2, or 3) will highlight your preferred option. Once your preferred option has been selected the 'Continue' button will be enabled and by clicking this button the programme will move forward to the final screen; Selection Details.

This final screen gives a summary of the equipment selected and offers a number of print/save options, these are;

Product Information

This will take you through to the appropriate Product page on our website. From here you can access relevant technical information and product literature.

Would you like a quotation

This will open an email with a form to complete. On completion of the form, send the email to our offices and we will forward you your quotation.

Standard specification clauses

Product specific information for Specifiers/Contractors to incorporate into any project specification.

Print options

There will be the option to print a detailed or brief summary of your selection. The brief summary is a single A4 print out including project details, selection calculations and the products shown in your 'Selection Result'. The detailed summary includes all the information from the brief summary, as well as additional selection demand criteria provided on the 'Selection Questions' screen.


Further information and assistance is available at each step of this selection process, this includes help for each individual 'sizing question'. To view this help information, click in the specific question or choice box and view the help details in the left hand side column of the programme.

SELECT is intended for most hot water sizing applications, but may not cover every individual situation.

For further assistance with hot water selection Lochinvar can be contact by telephone, facsimile or email:

Tel: 01295 269981
Fax: 01295 271640
Email: info@lochinvar.ltd.uk

FEEDBACK – Lochinvar Ltd is committed to the continuous development of its products and services and we welcome feedback from users of SELECT.

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